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Which party can best answer your financing question? What start-up and accelerator programmes are on offer in the region? Business Compass answers these questions and more. The Business Compass website is a search tool for innovative entrepreneurs to browse and search through (semi) public services in the Brainport region. The tool provides a quick and easy answer to your questions and you can either contact the service provider directly or click through to their website for more information. You can search by area, sector, business phase or a combination of these.

Service offer
Business Compass consists of (semi) public entrepreneurial services in the Brainport region. You will find service providers for office space, municipal regulations and various start-up and accelerator programmes. 

Questions or suggestions
Do you have any questions about the Business Compass website, are there any service providers missing or would you like to share something? Please email

Under construction
The Business Compass website is under construction. If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you feel any service providers are missing from this website, please email